Practical Magick for Interpersonal Navigations

Friday 2nd December 6:30 – 10pm ONLINE

3 supportive workshops and embodied presentations open to all genders Xanthe E Horner (she/her), Rosa Ray (she/her) Lottie Randomly (they/them)

hosted by Geraldine Hudson – aka Enidlareg (she/her)

Participants must be ready to take part and have paper/sketchbook, coloured pens or pencils, and any other materials they feel drawn to using. 

Xanthe E. Horner is a multidisciplinary artist, witch and intuitive tarot reader based in East London, UK. Her creative practice perches playfully on the intersection between art-making, visionary experience and mythopoesis. She draws on the archetypes of contemporary culture and historical narratives alike to spin new spells towards collective healing, reversing the hex of disenchantment by reimagining and reinventing the myths we live by.

Rosa Ray (she/her)

From Hex Positive to Sex Positive:

A Queer Wxtch’s Journey with the Holy Whore of Love & War

Recovering Wyddershins Wxtch & devotee of Babalon, Rosa Ray critically reflects upon her former hex-positive, anti-capitalist Workings and considers the ways our magickal praxis can be used in service of struggles for healing justice. 

Raising the questions:

  • How can we practice a Radical Witchcraft that’s accountable & effective, without unintentionally reproducing the violent structures of oppression and supremacy we wish to dismantle?
  • How can we infuse our magick with self compassion, centered around pleasure & healing justice, without drifting into the toxic territory of Love and Light? 

Rather than boldly claiming to have all the answers, after sharing my experiences, I enthusiastically welcome and invite participants to share their own ideas and thoughts. Because surely, you must have considered hexing someone or something at least once in your life? And if you haven’t, why not? 🙂 


Rosa Ray is a green fingered Wxtch, Anthropologist, Affectional Alchemist & Anarchist, channeling the spirits of queer pioneer Anita Berber, radical revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg, in conversation with Black, warrior poet Audre Lorde and guided by the Holy Whore of Love & War Babalon. 

By harnessing the power of the Radical Imagination, Rosa’s eclectic, trauma-informed practice aims to cultivate inclusive safer spaces of divine pleasure, where those adversely affected by capitalism, colonialism, racism, sexism, ableism (and other forms of structural injustices) can come together to vent, heal, co-conspire, dream and take steps towards their own personal and collective transformation.

Lottie Randomly (they/them)

Embodied Resistance: Working with the menstrual cycle for personal and collective change. 

We are living through urgent times that beckon to us with a calling for our commitment to change on both an individual and collective level. In this session Lottie will present their on-going explorations into working with their menstrual cycle, first as a path of personal change and then towards a path that holds and invites possibility for change on a broader scale.

Lottie’s work has led them to ask – what if we reimagined the menstrual cycle; expanding beyond, whilst never forgetting, its gynocentric, reproductive roots and approached it as a tool for resistance to the systems of harm that so many of us live through and under? 

Using menstrual and lunar cycles as our starting point, we will explore this new cyclical terrain. Finally, we will dream into the ways in which we might do this work of resistance together. 

The session will feature a few invitations to quietly reflect and jot things down along the way and a Q&A at the end for any questions and/or discussion that wants to emerge. 

All bodies are welcome to this session whether they menstruate or not, though this session will obviously be particularly relevant for people who currently have a menstrual cycle.

. . .

Lottie is a folk practitioner/ceremonialist, menstrual health activist and educator, facilitator, writer, dj and funeral celebrant with 16 years of experience working in voluntary and public sector health/arts/education spaces. Their work over this time has primarily focused on supporting people to navigate adversity, change, endings and transitions. 

Applying queer, intersectional and animist lenses, they delve into the embodied states that people often fear passing through. Poor mental health, menstruation, peri/menopause, death and grief are all terrains that Lottie fervently investigates through writing, workshops and ceremony. 

An edge-dweller and a daydreamer, with a life-long apprenticeship to the unseen and the liminal, they are delighted to be spinning some threads of their practice into the warp and weft of this year’s Conjuring Creativity.