The first Art & the Esoteric event which I curated happened on the Spring Equinox of 2017, in Sweden, which consisted of a pretty intimate seminar day including a tarot journeying/automatic drawing workshop, group meditation, and talks from artists Madeleine Aleman and Carl Abrahamsson.

This then gave me the courage and inspiration to contact the amazingly dynamic and knowledgable Dr. Per Faxneld, and together we organised, curated and produced the first CONJURING CREATIVITY conference in Stockholm, the idea being to bring together western esoteric academics, practitioners and contemporary artists who all had overlapping research and concerns involving the Esoteric, Spiritual or Occult practices. . The cross pollination proved to be very successful and led to planning for the next in 2020, this was postponed for obvious reasons and now takes place on the 21 – 23rd October 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Whilst this site is being updated with more information about the 2022 event, please check the links here to to see our list of past participants …


and this review by the enigmatic Carl Abrahamsson


The idea behind CAVE first came about after I co-curated the first Conjuring Creativity event in Sweden back in 2018. I have always loved organising events and curating happenings, from underground and avant-garde music events which started back in the 90’s to running my own small experimental exhibition space (KONSTAPOTEKET) in an old shop in Stockholm.

The idea of trying to collate a group of contemporary esoteric artists has been on my mind since coming out of the broom closet myself around 2012 and allowing my own magickal/esoteric praxis to become much more obviously entwined with my professional art practice. When this happened I suddenly started being aware of so many other like minded creative people, specifically in the contemporary art world, and after talking to a few artists on various social media sites, decided it would be great to provide some kind of platform.

Affiliated artists of CAVE can soon be found through the upcoming artists link pages.

A little bit more about my own art practice can be found here


and I can be contacted here ghuds004@gold.ac.uk with all enquiries about Conjuring Creativity going to conjuringcreativity@gmail.com

Blessed Be, new moon in Libra 2021.

Geraldine x